About Us

Labor Employment and Training Corporation (LETC) is a private nonprofit public benefit organization that has operated federal, state and local workforce programs since its inception in 1984. Headquartered in Los Angeles County, LETC manages workforce development programs in eight states under a wide range of federal and state contracts, along with projects funded by labor and the private sector.

Our Vision

Through strategic partnerships and a committed staff, LETC provides opportunities for individuals to attain self-sufficiency, upward mobility, and an improved quality of life by sponsoring job training and connecting with employers.

Our Mission

The mission of Labor Employment and Training Corporation is to provide high-quality employment and training services that are innovative, flexible, and responsive to the evolving needs of our job seeking and business customers.

For job seekers, we partner with businesses, community and labor organizations, and government agencies to provide job training and employment resources.

For businesses, we facilitate customized skills training programs and match employers with qualified applicants to develop a robust and high-quality workforce.